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Here are the questions we hear the most!


What does a Corner membership include?

  • High speed/reliable internet
  • Coffee, espresso, tea & filtered water
  • Meeting room time(all membership plans include a certain allotment of time each month)
  • Member network where you can connect with other members through our online community.

Are there any additional expenses that aren’t included in the fees?

There are no hidden fees or additional expenses unless they are not a part of your plan. Some plans include mail and secure storage, other plans have these as add-ons.

Do I have to sign a lease?
We do not have traditional leases for our spaces, we have a membership agreement for use of the space.

Is parking included?
Yes, we have ample on-street parking with limited off-street parking available. It’s all FREE.

How secure is your Corner Members Wi-Fi and wired network?
We have a secure ‘enterprise-grade’ wireless network, technically it’s WPA2 Enterprise 🤓. We fully support your corporate VPN and can set you up on your own secure ‘virtual LAN’, to keep you even safer.

What are your standard hours of operation?
Our workspace is attended by our Corner Team Monday-Friday from 9 AM-5 PM. The Corner is accessible 24/7 to all Monthly Membership Members, via your personal access code.

I am a current member and would like to invite a friend to join. Does The Corner Coworking have a referral program?
Yes! We love inviting friends to join our community. Both you and your friend/colleague will get 2% off every invoice for the life of your monthly membership. It pays to work with friends!

Is there a waiting list for Private Offices or Full-time/Dedicated Desks?
They can be quite popular. Please contact us for availability.

Can I bring outside clients in for meetings? Do I need to book a meeting room for this?
You can absolutely bring clients in for a meeting, we do ask that you book a meeting room if you plan on meeting longer than 30 minutes.

What if I want to try coworking, but I’m not convinced it’s for me or I’m unsure if The Corner and coworking is the right fit for me?
Come in for a tour of our space and try it out for the day for FREE. Meet some of our members, enjoy some coffee and conversation, then decide if you’d like to join. Remember there is no long-term commitment needed, try it for a month and if it’s not for you, you do not have to stay.

The Corner Coworking & Co-warehousing