Book Recommendations #3

This is the 3rd book we are recommending in this ongoing series of business books that have helped us grow and thrive, especially in the past 12 or so challenging months.  Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal.

It was an interview on a podcast where Nir Eyal spoke about a section in his book that discusses the opposite of ‘Distraction’, that really got us interested. (No spoilers here!)

Indistractable on the web


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The mix of research-based insight, real-world examples and actionable next steps got us started and kept us wanting more. Nir takes a step-by-step approach, each building on earlier actions and workflows to form a solid and workable system,

A lot of the content is based on planning and leveraging the tools around us every day to build a better structure and processes. Part time-blocking, part better tech management, these steps have helped us to build a framework for productivity and planned distractions to live harmoniously together.

Nir Eyal, like many authors of late, provides several tools on his website to reinforce the lessons learnt in the book: