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May 2023 Newsletter

Link to the May 2023 Newsletter

Planning Ahead for Summer

May already?! From where I’m standing 2023 is flying by!  In just over a month, the kids will be out of school and the true test of work/life balance will begin.  Even if you don’t have kids, there will invariably be vacation days, long weekends, out-of-town visitors, and the hot lazy hazy days of summer to derail you from your work. 

Which leads us to ask the question…what does summer work life look like for you?  

Do you indulge yourself and just accept that the summer months won’t be your most productive?  

Do you get a campsite with Wi-Fi and happily work from a picnic table?  

Do you visit coworking spaces in other communities and schedule one or two days a week while on vacation?

Do you invest in summer camps for the kids and work uninterrupted?

Do you increase the amount of time you spend at The Corner? 

We’d love to know your thoughts, plans, and productivity hacks to make it through the summer months feeling like you enjoyed the perfect balance between work and pleasure. .  

Email us with yours and we’ll share your tips in the June edition. 


CEO & Founder

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