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Hey Coworker,

As we head into another challenging few weeks with schools closed and businesses severely curtailed, The Corner is here for you. Now, soon & later…when you’re ready. 🤗

This is the latest edition of “Your Corner” – May 2021, a newsletter that brings you insights and information about #entrepreneurship, #coworking and what’s happening at The Corner. Last month we asked about what makes your ‘perfect workspace’, it’s great to hear that you want to be around other professionals (40% of respondents) and Good Tunes are also important (another 40%). You’ll find both right here at The Corner. During the pandemic, what has helped you and your business the most? Just click to vote! Others in your industry Local businesses in your town or neighbourhood Government loans & grants A new business opportunity or pivot to a new offering

Family & friends

In an effort to ensure Cochrane-based businesses are effectively accessing Provincial and National COVID-19 funding programs, the Cochrane Economic Recovery Task Force has initiated a program to support businesses in gaining access to professional service providers. Along with a partnership with the Cochrane & District Chamber of Commerce, these funds will be made available to local Cochrane businesses beginning March 9th, 2021.

Apply Now.

Members Update

In April we welcomed back Corner Founding Member, KS Communications. Kelly has grown to a team of two, adding Meelayna, and they are our newest Private Office members.

Kelly Sinclair
Also in April, we welcomed the following #VirtualMembers:
  • Hoyt with 31 Edtech
  • Sanjeev from
  • Ryan from WeatherTek Roofing & Exteriors

We also welcomed new drop-in member Suzi from Dragon Weight – Life Engineering she offers Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching services.

Fun fact, Suzi is a member of Calgary-based Folk/Roots Band, PATCHWORK YAK <- check them out right here!

#startup cochrane
Our current focus at Startup Cochrane, is building and supporting a network of e-commerce businesses so they can share insight, ideas and tips & tricks for success.

Do you know anyone who sells their products online via services like Shopify, Amazon Marketplace, BigCommerce, etc? We want to hear from you! Simply reply and we’ll keep you updated. As Cochrane’s UPS location, we meet many ecommerce businesses, as they ship out their products to customers. We’re excited to be bring them together to help them grow! 🌱

Curious to know the workspaces we have available presently? We are excited to be almost full!
  • Private offices – only one full-time & one drop-in left! (They won’t last!)
  • Shared office space – one full-time/dedicated desk & space for a couple of part-time hot desk members (this will depend on the shared space plans that members sign up for)
  • Warehouse spaceWE’RE FULL! (Actively looking for additional space, our next ‘Corner’)
The Corner Coworking

Rest assured, The Corner is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and when any member leaves for the the day. Your safety is our priority.

Happy #coworking!

mark a. eaton coworking catalyst & founder | The Corner Coworking, Inc.

P.S. If our newsletter has you curious, and you’d like to know more about The Corner, click here and we’ll get some info out to you 😃

Upcoming events:

Don’t forget, we host Open Corner on the first Friday of each month. A free opportunity to test out #coworking in Cochrane. (The next one is THIS FRIDAY!) Just show up, grab a desk and we’ll do the rest!

Theme days:

There’s something for everyone at The Corner. Most of it involves carbs, and we’re not ashamed of that! All available curbside, as well as in-person as we open up moe until we are completely released from our home offices. 🧇 #CinnaMonday (homemade cinnamon buns, usually homemade at least ) #WaffleWednesday (bring your fave toppings) #FromageFridays (because who doesn’t love toasted cheese sandwiches?)


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