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Here's Corner News & Updates for Coworker, how's your summer? ☀️

Have the Pancake 🥞 Breakfasts started yet? Yeehaw! 🤠

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Your Corner – Our Newsletter

Hey Coworker,

Much has changed since our last Corner Newsletter, with Alberta now mostly open to somewhat regular life again. So far the province seems to be doing OK, big thanks to anyone who has been able to get vaccinated or ‘Max-inated’ (double-vaccinated).

This is the latest edition of “Your Corner” – July 2021, a newsletter that brings you insights and information about #entrepreneurship, #coworking and what’s happening at The Corner.

Our June poll asked about the things that helped your business during the pandemic, and those you’re planning on keeping. Overwhelmingly, offering virtual services was the most common response. Within the coworking industry we are always looking for ways to offer our products, virtually, whilst still ensuring we can maintain connections with our members…a challenge for many industries I’m sure.

How will you be attending Pancake Breakfasts this year, post-pandemic?

Just click to vote!

We’ll make them at home

Pickup via drive-thru events

Attend in person, cautiously

Back to the way we did Pancake Breakfasts, pre-pandemic

I don’t do pancake breakfasts 😔

After two successful Pancakes @ The Corner events in previous years, we’ll be joining forces with the Cochrane Business Network & the Lions Rodeo to host an even bigger breakfast in September!

Watch out for more details, we’ll be in search of your support & sponsorship to make this a success.

Love Local Food – Cochrane Picnics

This summer, discover a hand-crafted picnic each week from local restaurants using fresh products.

Up-level your next picnic and enjoy the amazing food and natural landscapes Cochrane has to offer. As a local or visitor, simply choose your ideal picnic spot, and we will take care of the rest. Learn more here

If you’d like to be featured as part of this promotion, your investment is providing a coupon/promo item for the backpack. More details here

Presented & Supported by Cochrane Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures Centre West & Cochrane Tourism.

Members Update

Welcome to several new Corner Members who joined us in June.

Aspen, from Aspen Psychology. Our first Consulting Office Member!

Aspen Gowers

Franc, from Cirrus TTLG.


We also welcomed the following #VirtualMembers:

  • Michael from Parcel Event

  • Stefani from Bluebird Counselling

Members Benefits

Our members now have access to a Coulee Outdoor Stainless Steel Fire Pit. Take it home for a night or a weekend, show off to your friends that a campfire is much better smoke-free! We even throw in enough wood pellets for a fire or two!🔥

Special thanks to Corner Warehouse Member, Dexter from Coulee Outdoor for making this happen! 👍

Curious to know the workspaces we have available presently? We are excited to be even more full than last month. 😃

Help us make the next Corner Coworking location even better, reach out and let us know what you need in YOUR perfect workspace, you’ll help us a bunch!

The Corner Coworking

Rest assured, The Corner is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and when any member leaves for the the day. Your safety is our priority.

Happy #coworking!

mark a. eaton
coworking catalyst & founder | The Corner Coworking, Inc.

P.S. If our newsletter has you curious, and you’d like to know more about The Corner, click here and we’ll get some info out to you 😃

Upcoming events:

Don’t forget, we host Open Corner on the first Friday of each month. A free opportunity to test out #coworking in Cochrane. (The next one is in July)

Just show up, grab a desk and we’ll do the rest!

Theme days:

There’s something for everyone at The Corner. Most of it involves carbs, and we’re not ashamed of that! All available curbside, as well as in-person as we open up moe until we are completely released from our home offices. 🧇

#CinnaMonday (homemade cinnamon buns, usually homemade at least ) #WaffleWednesday (bring your fave toppings)
#FromageFridays (because who doesn’t love toasted cheese sandwiches?)

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