Back in 2016, we went looking for Cochrane’s Coworking space, guess what…there wasn’t one. This was why The Corner got started and it now plays a part in the success of our members as well as local companies too.

We now want to do the same for Startups in Cochrane and surrounding areas. So we are launching Pitch Events, at first virtually, to give our local entrepreneurs a forum to get experience pitching their ideas to like-minded people, and then get insight and feedback.

: Join us on the FOURTH Tuesday night of each month,  7 PM – 9 PM. (KICKING OFF IN FEBRUARY 2021)

WHERE: For now, we’re on Zoom. We plan to run these locally, in-person when we can.

HOW DO I SIGN UP:  Simple, sign up for notifications and announcements ->

COST: For now, there’s no cost…also no prizes. (We’re just getting started)

What can I do? How do I get involved?

For these events to be a success, and to grow the local #startup community, we need entrepreneurs at all stages of the startup & launch phases.

Got a new idea?
Have a concept you are curious about?
Ready to pitch for funding?
Looking to grow an existing business?


Have you launched a new business already?
Are you an investor?
Been involved in startups before? (Successful & less successful)
Just plain curious?


Our friends at Business Link have created some great resources for the own Pitch Contest, this will get you started!

We want to hear from you all.

Founder, community builder & coworking catalyst