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January 2023 – Our Newsletter

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Dear Coworker,

The best thing about changing the calendar from one year to the next is that first blank page. In January, 2023 is limited only by our imaginations, our grit, and the daily habits that we put in place. I know many of us started the year with goals for our lives, either professional or personal. I, for one, committed to completing a triathlon this year and so have been doubling down on my physical training.

From a business perspective, we are all watching the economy, interest rates, and inflation and wondering what impact they will have on our businesses in the coming months. Now is a great time to look at your fixed costs and examine ways that you can cut back. If you’re not yet a member of The Corner, now would be an excellent time to consider the advantages of sharing office expenses like utilities, janitorial services, printing equipment, IT, and even coffee with other businesses.

If you are a Corner member, you’re ahead of the curve. But maybe 2023 is the year you use your membership to connect with other members to share services and create the kind of community that can only come from speaking with fellow business owners. No one knows the truth and challenges of running a business quite like another business owner.

We, at The Corner, are planning to create more intentional opportunities to connect our members to one another in 2023, but don’t wait for us. Today is a great day to introduce yourself to someone in your home Corner location.

– Mark


If you pay your invoice from The Corner using email transfer, please note the email address from now on should be payments@thecornercoworking.ca. The new address will also be listed on your next invoice.


We now have the ability to accept most cryptocurrencies as payment. If you’d like to do this, please email for more information.


Sign in to your Cobot account to visit the help desk for your home Corner location. This is the place to let our team know of any concerns you have with the building or operations. We’ll get notified immediately and be able to work on a solution.

Help desk is also the place to go to access guides to some of the daily procedures. How do I make a pot of coffee? How to access the Wi-Fi? The guides are there for your reference. Is there something you wish we would include here? Let us know.

Member feedback is always welcome. Don’t hesitate to speak to a team member or contact us.

Since the last update, we’ve had some new members join our Corner Community. Please welcome and introduce yourself to:

Ian Carruthers, Carruthers Law, Full-time Private Office Member, (who started as a virtual member and a Drop-in Meetings Member, now a full-time private office member

Stephanie Arnal, CPA, Full-time Private Office Member (who started as a virtual member and Drop-in Meetings Member), The Corner River Ave.

Brenda Logan, Aspen Grove Counselling, Drop-in Meeting Member, The Corner Bow Ridge

Simon Coward , Aquabatics Calgary, Drop-in Meetings Member, The Corner Bow Ridge

Heather Good, Social Worker, Author, Coach – Drop-in Meetings Member, The Corner Railway

The Corner Okotoks Now Accepting Members

After months of prep, we are ready to open the Okotoks location to members. We have casual, part-time, and full-time spots to fill and also have some meeting space for external booking, as well as a very unique flex event space that would be perfect for your next seminar or workshop.

Remember that if you’re a Corner member in Cochrane, your membership privileges extend to Okotoks. Use this as an opportunity to grow your business in the region.

Review membership plans and sign-up today.

Are you a member of the Okotoks & District Chamber of Commerce? If so, we look forward to introducing you to The Corner at this upcoming event. Register here.

In Cochrane, join us at The Corner on Railway Street on Tuesday, January 24th at 7 pm for the Start-Up Cochrane monthly networking event. Register here.


-Peter F. Drucker

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