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👋 Coworker!, here's the latest from The Corner. News & Updates

We have virtual events coming up, #Startup Cochrane launches in Feb.

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Your Corner – Our Newsletter

Hey Coworker,

We’ve made it through the first month of 2021, how has your business changed from 12 months ago?

This is the latest edition of “Your Corner” – February 2021, a newsletter that brings you insights and information about #entrepreneurship, #coworking and what’s happening at The Corner.

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The Corner is now Cochrane’s UPS Access Point for the convenience of our members and everyone else too. Got a parcel you are shipping with UPS? Drop it off with us. Missed a delivery? It’s likely ready for you here at The Corner.

Have you heard about The Corner’s Virtual Office Services yet? Get a business address & local presence, a smart mailbox (it messages you when it has mail 📫) as well as drop-in office and boardroom facilities.

kudosee goals
Your Teammate in Hockey Administration

On the topic of ‘Virtual Corner Members’, we are excited to welcome local company Kudosee and their team, also Dean is bringing 525Hockey to Cochrane too, looking to work with local hockey teams and administration.

The Corner Coworking

We have our 10 Days of #coworking for $10 still coming up, as soon as restrictions allow. Stay in touch with us, register now to hear about the launch.

Simply reply to reserve your spot, or sign up here: 10 Days of #coworking

Rest assured, The Corner is cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and when any member leaves for the the day. Your safety is our priority.

#startup cochrane

Coworker, are you going to join us in February, we’ll be hosting #Startup Cochrane Pitch Nights (think mini Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den). This is your chance to practice your pitch and get immediate feedback & insight from peers. Register your interest here.

Also in February 2021 we are a host location for EXPOSURE, we are displaying works from local photographer, Brenda Kelly.

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Happy #coworking!

mark a. eaton
coworking catalyst & founder | The Corner Coworking, Inc.

P.S. If our newsletter has you curious, and you’d like to know more about The Corner, click here and we’ll get some info out to you 😃

Upcoming events:

In February 2021, The Corner will be launching our first #Startup Cochrane Pitch Nights, who do you know that needs to polish up their Pitch Skills?

Don’t forget, we host Open Corner on the first Friday of each month. A free opportunity to test out #coworking in Cochrane.

Theme days:

There’s something for everyone at The Corner. Most of it involves carbs, and we’re not ashamed of that! All available curbside, as well as in-person as we open up gradually until we are ultimately released from our home offices. 🧇

#CinnaMonday (homemade cinnamon buns, usually homemade at least ) #WaffleWednesday (bring your fave toppings)
#FromageFridays (because who doesn’t love toasted cheese sandwiches?)

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