Book Recommendations #1

Welcome to the first post in a series, sharing some of the business-focused books that have helped us to get started, grow and be successful. To kick things off, Profit First by Mike Michalowicz.

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This is loosely based on the concept of paying yourself first, and not last, in your business. Mike’s book lays it all out in a simple step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow and implement.

In too many businesses, we pay our expenses first, and then there’s little to nothing left for the business owner! This methodology flips this around…pay yourself first and then what’s left has to cover your expenses. This forces you to manage your business expenses within a budget. Having a focus like this on your business finances can totally reset your approach to how you manage your funds or lack thereof.

Regardless of the bookkeeping software you use, accounting platform or bank…this system will integrate with what you use now. 

Want to connect with others who have the same Profit First Goals? We’re considering building a local Profit First Pod, think Meetups for anyone interested in implementing or sharing their experience with Profit First.